Adventures in a giant rubber ring…


Last week I tried white water tubing for the first time. Adrenaline packed for 3km downstream along the River Dee, after my intial fear (I’m no water baby!) it was exhilirating, fun and slightly chilly on the toes!

Peeling our wetsuits on over our swimming costumes was the first adventure, and after listening to the safety briefing off we went in our giant rubber rings across from one ‘eddy’ to the next until we reached the first set of rapids. One by one we were called downstream and whilst we all waited in anticipation for our turn, we could hear the first lady reaching the rapids with a squeal (of excitement or fear we weren’t entirely sure!). Soon enough it was my turn, so off I went bounding down the rapids, smiling cheerily until I got a mouthful of the river and decided it wasn’t so wise.

We continued downstream taking on some more rapids, grouping together on the way down until we reached the ‘big one’! We were given the choice of the easy ‘ramp’ route down or attempting the big drop. Of course all the boys instantly opted for the drop whilst the women contemplated. My friend, who’s normal idea of adventure would be to sit and watch it from the comfort of the armchair, immediately opted for the drop so I naturally followed! One by one the boys went down, and one by one they all capsized. Then one of the girls took her turn and executed the perfect jump managing to stay afloat, we all cheered as my friend followed and also managed a successful jump. Feeling a little under pressure, off I went towards the drop, and after a rocky start I actually managed to stay afloat and keep my hair dry! So all the females succeeded in staying dry, much to the boy’s dismay!

Downstream we continued, and much adventure and fun was had. We laughed, we supported, we shared experiences. I realised that women always work as a team and support one other, no ego’s involved. All strangers when we met, we soon bonded as a team, cheered each other on, and by the end felt revitalised, refreshed and ready for the next adventure…

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