Swimming with Seals…


Sometimes the simplest of things can turn into really exciting adventures. Today I went for a jog along the beach with a friend. I’ve lived by this beach most of my life but have never really appreciated its simple beauty, or the fact that if you jog far enough along from the car park there’s not another soul in sight.

We jogged along the shore, waves rising and falling, the sun creeping through the clouds, and birds sweeping the shore for unsuspecting fish. The sand was soft and our feet meandered through pebbles and shells until we were jogging through pure sand, the sea on one side, sand dunes on the other and a vastness of opportunity in front of us.

Prestatyn beach

Chatting along the way, we decided to have a swim in the sea before turning back. It was cold at first but we soon adjusted to the temperature and it was actually quite invigorating. We swam out, watching terns diving into the sea head first, cormorants on the sea shore watching on, and I was grateful not to come across any jelly fish! Ahead of us I could see something dark bobbing in the sea, I joked it may be a shark, and then realised it was actually a seal. I couldn’t believe it, 20 meters away from us was a beautifully inquisitive seal, bobbing up and down, wondering what on earth we were doing! We swam along the shore and it followed, disappearing and then reappearing. It was unbelievable and fantastic. We swam up and down with our new friend until our arms were tired and then said goodbye and headed back along the beach, barefoot, jogging in the sand. An hour of simple pleasure, so uplifting, exciting and inspirational.

The best adventures always seem to be the ones you weren’t expecting to have!

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